What is an idea?

The purpose of any idea is to solve a problem.

The idea can be anywhere on the problem-solving spectrum. Even just identifying the problem is an early-stage idea. One of the first steps on the spectrum.

A challenge is an aspirational pursuit of an unknown solution. An idea is the exact same thing, but with a solution in sight.

A worthy problem is felt like a personal challenge when it encounters the right person. People will even devote their lives to solving it when fueled by enough passion.

All ideas come from creativity – our ultimate problem-solving tool. All human knowledge is created as a result of problem-solving.

Ideas are built upon other ideas. Existing knowledge is the fuel and building material for new ideas.

As we interact with the world around us, something eventually bothers us to the extent that we want to take action. When we face difficult problems, we turn to creativity.

A bad idea and a good idea are both works in progress. One needs a shift in direction, the other more iterations.

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